RTSS 2022

Industry Session

We are happy to announce the Industry Challenge. Please consider submitting your solutions by October 25 September 20, 2022. For any questions, please contact the industry track challenge co-chairs Frédéric Boniol (frederic.boniol@onera.fr) and Sibin Mohan (sibin.mohan@gwu.edu).

Excellent solutions will be granted the RTSS 2022 Industry Challenge Best Solution Award and acknowledged during RTSS 2022 conference.

Important Dates (tentative):

  • Industry challenge released to public: Jun 10, 2022
  • Solution submissions due: Oct. 25 Sep 20, 2022
  • Solution selection result announcement: Nov. 2 Oct 25, 2022

Instructions for Submission of Industry Challenges:

  • The challenge submission should be a short paper in PDF format (maximum 4 pages, not including the bibliography). Other supplementary materials should be provided online via a webpage (the link to this webpage should be included in the challenge submission).
  • At least one representative from the challenge proposers must register for RTSS 2022 (full registration) and attend the industry session in RTSS 2022.