RTSS 2022

Conference Program

Accepted Paper List

  1. Analytical approximations in probabilistic analysis of real-time systems
  2. EDF-Like Scheduling for Self-Suspending Real-Time Tasks
  3. RT-MOT: Confidence-Aware Real-Time Scheduling Framework for Multi-Object Tracking Tasks
  4. Real-Time Scheduling with Predictions
  5. Design and Timing Guarantee for Non-Preemptive Gang Scheduling
  6. Improved Results for Guaranteeing Safety Despite Physical Errors in CPS’s
  7. Response Time Analysis for Prioritized DAG Task with Mutually Exclusive Vertices
  8. From Intuition to Coq: A Case Study in Verified Response-Time Analysis of FIFO Scheduling
  9. Critical Instant for Probabilistic Timing Guarantees: Refuted and Revisited
  10. Latency-driven Optimization of Switching Pipeline Design in Network Chips
  11. Jellyfish: Timely Inference Serving for Dynamic Edge Networks
  12. Edge-RT: OS Support for Controlled Latency in the Multi-Tenant, Real-Time Edge
  13. A Utilization-based Test for Non-preemptive Gang Tasks on Multiprocessors
  14. On Batching Task Scheduling
  15. Worst-Case Time Disparity Analysis of Message Synchronization in ROS
  16. Making Powerful Enemies on NVIDIA GPUs
  17. Response Time Analysis for Real-Time Global Gang Scheduling
  18. Fixed-Parameter Analysis of Preemptive Uniprocessor Scheduling Problems
  19. A Theoretical Approach to Determine the Optimal Size of a Thread Pool for Real-Time Systems
  20. Real-Time Scheduling and Analysis of Processing Chains on Multi-threaded Executor in ROS 2
  21. CAESAR: Coherence-Aided Elective and Seamless Alternative Routing via on-chip FPGA
  22. Prophet: Realizing a Predictable Real-time Perception Pipeline for Autonomous Vehicles
  23. Exact Response-Time Bounds of Periodic DAG Tasks under Server-Based Global Scheduling
  24. End-To-End Timing Analysis in ROS2
  25. Fail-Safe: Securing Cyber-Physical Systems against Hidden Sensor Attacks
  26. In-ConcReTeS: Interactive Consistency meets Distributed Real-Time Systems, Again!
  27. Future aware Dynamic Thermal Management in CPU-GPU Embedded Platforms
  28. Scheduling Jobs with Battery Recharging Constraints: Applications to UAV Flight Planning
  29. Bounding the Response Time of DAG Tasks Using Long Paths
  30. Task Allocation for Real-time Earth Observation Service with LEO Satellites
  31. Mixed-Criticality Scheduling of Energy-Harvesting Systems
  32. Enabling GPU Memory Oversubscription via Transparent Paging to an NVMe SSD
  33. Demand Layering for Real-Time DNN Inference with Minimized Memory Usage
  34. Context-based Latency Guarantees Considering Channel Degradation in 5G Network Slicing
  35. PolyRhythm: Adaptive Tuning of a Multi-Channel Attack Template for Timing Interference
  36. Multi-mode on Multi-core: Making the best of both worlds with Omni
  37. Towards Energy-Efficient Real-Time Scheduling of Heterogeneous Multi-GPU Systems

Outstanding Paper List

‘In-ConcReTeS: Interactive Consistency meets Distributed Real-Time Systems, Again!’ by Arpan Gujarati, Ningfeng Yang, Bj√∂rn B. Brandenburg

‘Edge-RT: OS Support for Controlled Latency in the Multi-Tenant, Real-Time Edge’ by Wenyuan Shao, Bite Ye, Huachuan Wang, Gabriel Parmer and Yuxin Ren

‘Jellyfish: Timely Inference Serving for Dynamic Edge Networks’ by Vinod Nigade, Pablo Bauszat, Henri Bal and Lin Wang

‘Bounding the Response Time of DAG Tasks Using Long Paths’ by Qingqiang He, Nan Guan, Mingsong Lv, Xu Jiang and Wanli Chang