RTSS 2022

Brief Presentation

Accepted BP Session Papers


Work-in-Progress: Victim-Aware Scheduling for Robust Operations in Safety-Critical Systems

Dakai Zhu, Steven Drager, Matthew Anderson and Hakan Aydin

Work-in-Progress: Control Skipping Sequence Synthesis to Counter Schedule-based Attacks

Sunandan Adhikary, Ipsita Koley, Srijeeta Maity and Soumyajit Dey

Work-in-Progress: Measuring Security Protection in Real-time Embedded Firmware

Yuhao Wu, Yujie Wang, Shixuan Zhai, Zihan Li, Ao Li, Jinwen Wang and Ning Zhang

Cloud/edge systems

Work-in-Progress: Real-Time On-board Processing for Cloud Detection in FACSAT-2 Multispectral Satellite Imagery

Javier E. Mendez Gomez and Albert Cheng

Work-in-Progress: Deadline-Constrained Multi-Resource Allocation Problem in Edge-Cloud System

Chuanchao Gao and Arvind Easwaran

Timing analysis and correctness

Work-in-Progress: Generalized Demand-Based Schedulability Test for Dual-Criticality Sporadic Task Model

Jiwoo Lee, Albert Cheng and Guangli Dai

Work-in-Progress: A Holistic Approach to WCRT Analysis for Multicore Systems

Jatin Arora, Syed Aftab Rashid, Claudio Maia, Geoffrey Nelissen and Eduardo Tovar

Work-in-Progress: Optimal Checkpointing Strategy for Real-time Systems with Both Logical and Timing Correctness

Lin Zhang, Zifan Wang and Fanxin Kong

Clocks and synchronization

Work-in-Progress: A Novel Clock Synchronization System for Large-Scale Clusters

Zhuochen Fan, Xiaodong Li, Yanwei Xu, Yuqing Li, Tong Yang and Steve Uhlig

Work-in-Progress: Exploring the Composition of Synchronous Intelligent Intersections

Radha Reddy, Luís Almeida, Pedro Santos and Eduardo Tovar


Work-already-Published: Nancy, an Efficient Library for (Min, +) and (Max, +) Algebra

Raffaele Zippo and Giovanni Stea

Work-already-Published: HeRTA – Heaviside Real-Time Analysis

Frank Slomka and Mohammadreza Sadeghi

Work-already-Published: Correspondence Article: Counterexample for Suspension-aware Schedulability Analysis of EDF Scheduling; a Note on Slack Enforcement Mechanisms for Self-suspending Tasks

Mario Guenzel and Jian-Jia Chen

Work-already-Published: Analyzing Arm’s MPAM from the Perspective of Time Predictability

Matteo Zini, Daniel Casini and Alessandro Biondi