RTSS 2022

Accepted Artifact Evaluations

  1. From Intuition to Coq: A Case Study in Verified Response-Time Analysis of FIFO Scheduling
  2. Bounding the Response Time of DAG Tasks Using Long Paths
  3. Fail-Safe: Securing Cyber-Physical Systems against Hidden Sensor Attacks
  4. Real-Time Scheduling with Predictions
  5. Worst-Case Time Disparity Analysis of Message Synchronization in ROS
  6. Critical Instant for Probabilistic Timing Guarantees: Refuted and Revisited
  7. Real-Time Scheduling and Analysis of Processing Chains on Multi-threaded Executor in ROS 2
  8. EDF-Like Scheduling for Self-Suspending Real-Time Tasks
  9. Jellyfish: Timely Inference Serving for Dynamic Edge Networks
  10. Analytical Approximations in Probabilistic Analysis of Real-Time Systems
  11. End-To-End Timing Analysis in ROS2
  12. Enabling GPU Memory Oversubscription via Transparent Paging to an NVMe SSD